CentroPT Health Alliance is the global leading-edge technology competitiveness alliance for healthcare and new therapies that aims to benefit today's and tomorrow's patients.


September 15, 2016

CCDRC, the organization for the development and coordination of regional policies in Centro of Portugal, along with eleven regional institutions, signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at the promotion of a Regional Alliance in the Health context (CentroPT Health Alliance).

The Alliance main objective is to promote the international visibility and credibility of the Centro region Health Economy. The Alliance includes different stakeholders from the region, namely, CCDRC, the Universities of Coimbra, Aveiro and Beira Interior, Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Center, the Rehabilitation Medicine Center 'Rovisco Pais', Hospitals Centers 'Cova da Beira' and 'Baixo Vouga', the Centro Regional Health Administration, the Centro Regional Tourism Branch, Biocant Park and 'Instituto Pedro Nunes'.

According to Ana Abrunhosa, CCDRC President, "CentroPT Health Alliance consortium reflects, at the institutional level, the strong value chain that exists in the Centro Region under the Health Economy topic, from research to clinical practice, from education to entrepreneurship. The consortium aims to consolidate a cluster of activities and players that already exist in the region and support its internationalization process, focused on knowledge economic valuation. It is an open consortium that will be further enriched with the forthcoming entrance of technology-based companies and other institutions from the life sciences field”.

One of the current focus of the CentroPT Health Alliance is to further develop and support internal and external relationships among its members and other entities, as well as to plan and implement joint initiatives (for example, participation in regional, national and international events).

The consortium emphasizes its influential role to strength ongoing international life sciences projects in the region, as for example the participation of Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Center in the M8 Alliance working program, the inclusion of leading institutions on Health Economics in World Excellence networks, boosting the Multidisciplinary Institute of Ageing, supported by the European program “Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation (Teaming)”, and also to promote the participation of the Alliance in European Hospitals Reference networks.

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