The mission of the Centro Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDRC - Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Centro de Portugal) is to implement environmental, land use and urban planning policies as well as regional development policies, to encourage the coordinated action of decentralised regional services and to provide technical assistance to local authorities and their associations.

With regards to the management of programmes co-funded by the EU, the CCDRC supports institutions and agents with an entrepreneurial vocation and invests in new projects and business challenges that promote and reinforce the region’s competitiveness.

It helps with urban regeneration to maximise social cohesion and create conditions to improve quality of life, therefore strengthening sustainable development in the region.

The Portugal 2020 currently constitutes the underlying structural programme at the basis of the CCDRC’s activities in one hundred municipalities.

Contact Name: Ana Abrunhosa

Comissão de Coordenação e
Desenvolvimento Regional do Centro
Rua Bernardim Ribeiro, 80
3000-069 Coimbra - PORTUGAL
Phone: (+351) 239 400 119
Email: presidente@ccdrc.pt
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