University of Coimbra leads and is a preferential partner of several innovation and R&D centres in the areas of life sciences, biotechnology, and healthcare in Portugal and abroad. It is an internationally renowned public higher education institution with more than 700 years of experience, offering education, training and research in nearly all study fields. The links between the academy and business are strongly promoted by UC through its collaboration in development projects, in intellectual property management, entrepreneurship activities and support for the creation of spin-offs.

UC plays a leading role in innovation and technological development in the areas of life sciences, biotechnology, and healthcare in the Centre region of Portugal. UC is an international reference due to the quality of its teaching, advanced training programs, pure and applied research as well as being an active agent in the development of spin-off companies and promotion of technology transfer. Coimbra has been creating international awareness and corporate collaborations have been settled with partners in Europe, USA, China, South America and particularly with Portuguese spoken countries bridging economic growth.

  Contact Name: João Gabriel Silva
Paço das Escolas
3004-531 Coimbra - PORTUGAL
Phone: (+351) 239 859 810
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