Biotechnology and Health Sector: real potential to create economic value in the Centro Region of Portugal

The Centro Region is one of the leading scientific and technological regions in Portugal. It is also a key player, unparalleled in the country, bringing together all stakeholders working in each of the stages of the development of health related products, devices and services.

The Centro Region is a “European Reference” in the industry for diagnostic and therapeutic innovation and in leading-edge health technology on European Active Ageing Programs.

It includes institutions of all kinds: from academia and clinical research centres, public and private hospitals, pharmaceutical and imaging companies, Young Innovative Companies and SME’s involved in biotech and health technologies to contract research organisations (CROs) or higher educational institutions (universities and polytechnic institutes) and health safety authorities.

The CentroPT Health Alliance is supported by CCDRC – Centro Coordination and Development Regional Commission – and it is the representative of the existing culture and strong tradition of basic, translational and clinical research. The Alliance targets are all Centro Region SME’s in the health and biotechnology sector. Talent is also a priority, allowing the highly skilled and trained human resources to grow and become even more committed and passionate about the success of their organisations.

Another important goal is to enhance the possibility to access private and public funding (regional, national and european), for both SME’s and public institutions thus promoting the development of their activities (R&D and turnover), at a national and international level.

CentroPT Health Alliance is the global leading-edge technology competitiveness alliance for healthcare and new therapies that aims to benefit today's and tomorrow's patients.

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