The Regional Health Administration of Central Portugal (ARS Centro) is a regional department of the Portuguese Ministry of Health. Its mission is to ensure the access to the various levels/types of health care (primary, hospital and long-term care) to the population of central Portugal (1.8 million inhabitants). The ARS Centro’s geographic area comprises 85 primary health care centres (64 belong to its primary health care network and 21 belonging to the Local Health Systems of Castelo Branco and Guarda), an overall of 24 hospitals and several long-term care units - the late corresponding to more than 2100 beds. The hospital network of the central regional of Portugal comprises 4710 beds. In accordance to its mission, ARS Centre provides primary care, through its own network of health care centres, and contracts hospital care aiming the whole regional population. It also contracts long-term care with social and private institutions. ARS Centro’s mission includes health protection and promotion and to ensure the implementation of national health policies in its geo-demographic area (central Portugal). It also comprises contracting to private providers specialty and imaging/diagnostic health care, whenever necessary, in order to ensure equity in health care access and provision.

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