Ageing@Coimbra is a consortium aimed at enhancing the role of the elderly in society and applying best practices in support of their overall well-being and active and healthy ageing.

Ageing@Coimbra’s performance has led the European Commission to consider the Centro Region of Portugal as one of the 32 European reference sites for active and healthy ageing, a unique status in the country. One of the aims of Ageing@Coimbra is to establish the Centro Region of Portugal as a leading partner in the European health and ageing network by promoting the development of best practices around healthcare and social support as well as innovative services with high potential for technology transfer. In becoming a cluster based on knowledge, research and innovation, Ageing@Coimbra also acts as a stimulator for the economy and youth entrepreneurship. Ageing@ Coimbra is a member of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA) and Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC, EIT Health).

Contact Name: University of Coimbra - Faculty of Medicine
Pólo das Ciências da Saúde - Unidade Central
Azinhaga de Santa Comba
3000-548 Coimbra -PORTUGAL
Phone: (+351) 239 857 7250

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