The region of Centro de Portugal has a long tradition of production of scientific knowledge and research & technology development, with an historical relation between the Universities and blooming spin-off companies.
Centro de Portugal has a high-quality offer in terms of health economy and knowledge technologies.

The importance of the health sector to this region can be clearly assessed in several ways: both public and private hospitals; top quality health sciences’ research centres; biotechnology and pharmaceutical enterprises that develop innovative solutions and present exceptional results, working in consortium with national and international companies for the creation of new technology products and services.

The health-based strategy of Centro de Portugal is concentrated on three main university cities: Coimbra, Aveiro and Covilhã that became highly competitive centres of knowledge, research and innovation, daily performed by the most qualified health professionals. Hence, the creation of new technology-based enterprises focused on the development of new solutions to improve patient care and the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

  Contact Name:Pedro Machado
TCP/ARPT Centro de Portugal
Casa Amarela - Largo de Sta Cristina
3500-181 Viseu - PORTUGAL
Phone(+351) 232 432 032
           (+351) 232 432 030
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