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2015 course edition information:
Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are key elements for the normal function of a living cell. The identification, and quantitative and structural characterization of PPI networks allow for an integrated view and a better understanding of the functioning of a living cell or an organism. Therefore, this course aims to cover advanced experimental strategies to identify and characterize PPI networks commonly known as interactomes.

The course will extensively deal with the workflow of a protein interactomics project, consisting of:
    1) capture of a network of interactions and the identification of interacting partners;
    2) novel approaches for parallel recombinant protein expression and purification of the interacting partners;
    3) physical-chemical characterization of the interactions
    4) identification and structural characterization of binding sites.

The course will dedicate special emphasis to novel technical approaches, such as AP-SWATH, new cloning methods such as CPEC and SLiCE, multi-tiered protein expression approaches, in cell NMR, protein binding-sites, ITC, and several other auxiliary biophysical techniques.


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