Ongoing Projects and Publications

Ongoing Projects (Reference and theme)


-POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016795 - Schizophrenia
-POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016428 - Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Disease, Schizophrenia and Autism
-ROTEIRO/0028/2013 - National Mass Spectrometry Network

-PTDC/NEU-NMC/0205/2012 - Parkinson's Disease


Past projects included the following:

-PTDC/CVT-EPI/3460/2012 - Proteomics of tick

-EXCL-DTP-PIC-0069-2012 - Diabetes

-PTDC/SAU-NEU/103728/2008 - Schizophrenia

-PTDC/SAU-OBD/104017/2008 - Cancer

-PIC/IC/83206/2007 - Alzheimer's disease

-QREN, reference  21576 - Wine

-QREN, reference  30272 - Wine

-PTDC/EBB-BIO/098111/2008 - Glucose metabolism

-PTDC/SAU-NEU/099440/2008 - Synaptic plasticity

-Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor induced changes in the proteome of cultured hippocampal neurons.

-Identification of biomarkers for Multiple Sclerosis in the cerebrospinal fluid and serum

-Proteomic characterization of AMPA receptor-interacting proteins

-Identification of proteolytic cleavage sites in VGLUT2


-Identification of Post-Translational Modifications (PTM's) in different projects, including neurodegenerative disorders

-Identification of protein isoforms and protein contaminants occuring in recombinant protein synthesis

-Identification and quantitation of possible biomarkers in neurodegenerative disorders

-Identification of extracellular neuronal signalling proteins

-Identification and quantitation of diabetes related protein modifications



Publications: (complete list in google scholar )

to be updated:
-Matrisome Profiling During Intervertebral Disc Development And Ageing. Caldeira, J., C. Santa, H. Osório, M. Molinos, B. Manadas, R. Gonçalves and M. Barbosa (2017). Scientific Reports 7(1): 11629. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-11960-0, IF: 4.259. full text
-Nuno Rosa, Jéssica Marques, Eduardo Esteves, Mónica Fernandes, Vera M Mendes, Ângela Afonso, Sérgio Dias, Joaquim Polido Pereira, Bruno Manadas, Maria José Correia, Marlene Barros; “Protein Quality Assessment on Saliva Samples for Biobanking Purposes”, Biopreservation and biobanking, 2016, doi:10.1089/bio.2015.0054, IF 1.34, Q3 , Link
-Gap junctional protein Cx43 is involved in the communication between extracellular vesicles and mammalian cells, Ana R Soares, Tania Martins-Marques, Teresa Ribeiro-Rodrigues, Joao Vasco Ferreira, Steve Catarino, Maria João Pinho, Monica Zuzarte, Sandra I Anjo, Bruno Manadas, Joost Sluijter, Paulo Pereira, and Henrique Girão et al, Nature Scientific Reports, Accepted 2015, IF: 5.578

- Does Hypoxia/Normoxia Culturing Conditions Change the Neuroregulatory Profile of Wharton Jelly Mesenchymal Stem Cells Secretome? Fábio G Teixeira FGT, Krishna M Panchalingam KMP, Sandra I Anjo SA, Bruno Manadas BM, Ricardo Pereira RP, Nuno Sousa NS, António J Salgado AJS and Leo A Behie, Stem Cell Research & Therapy, 2015, Accepted, IF: 3.36


- Bioaccessibility and changes on cylindrospermopsin concentration in edible mussels with storage and processing time, Marisa Freitas, Joana Azevedo, António Paulo Carvalho, Vera M. Mendes, Bruno Manadas, Alexandre Campos, Vitor Vasconcelos, Food Control, Q1, IF: 2.819 Accepted, 2015, Link


- Does caffeine consumption modify CSF amyloid beta levels in patients with Alzheimer’s disease? Maria Travassos, Isabel Santana, Inês Baldeiras, Magda Tsolakid, Olymbia Gkatzimad, Sermin Gence, Görsev G. Yenere, Anja Simonsenf, Steen G. Hasselbalchf, Elisabeth Kapakig, Mara Bourboulig, Rodrigo Cunha, Paula Agostinho, Kaj Blennowh, Henrik Zetterbergh, Vera M. Mendes, Bruno Manadas, Alexandre de Mendonça, Journal of Alzheimer’s disease , Q2, IF 4.15, Accepted 2015


- Analysis of Citalopram in Plasma and Hair by a Validated LC-MS/MS Method, Pinto J, Mendes VM, Coelho M, Baltazar G, Pereira J LGC, Dunn MJ, Cotter DR and Manadas B, Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques, Q3, IF 1.74, Accepted, 2015


- Reduced α-MSH underlies hypothalamic endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced hepatic gluconeogenesis, Marc Schneeberger, Alicia G. Gomez-Valades, Jordi Altirriba, David Sebastian, Sara Ramirez, Ainhoa Garcia, Yaiza Esteban, Anne Drougard, Albert Ferres-Coy, Analia Bortolozzi, Pablo M. Garcia-Roves, John G. Jones, Bruno Manadas, Antonio Zorzano, Ramon Gomis, Marc Claret , Cell Reports, Q1, IF:7.207, Accepted, 2015, Link


- Effect of Global ATGL Knockout on Murine Fasting Glucose Kinetics, Margarida Coelho, Patricia Nunes, Vera M. Mendes, Bruno Manadas, Arend Heerschap, and John G. Jones, Journal of Diabetes Research, IF 3.536, Q2, 2015, Link


- Short GeLC-SWATH: a fast and reliable quantitative approach for proteomic screenings, Anjo, S. I.; Santa, C.; Manadas, B., Proteomics (2014), DOI: 10.1002/pmic.201400221, ; IF:3.97, Q1, Link


- Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Auxin-Induced Embryogenic and Nonembryogenic Tissues of the Solanaceous Tree Cyphomandra betacea (Tamarillo), Correia, Sandra; Vinhas, Raquel; Manadas, Bruno; et al., Journal of Proteome Research Volume: 11 Issue: 3 Pages: 1666-1675; 2012; IF:5.11, Q1; Link


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- Pollen proteases compromise the airway epithelial barrier through degradation of transmembrane adhesion proteins and lung bioactive peptides, Vinhas, R.; Cortes, L.; Cardoso, I.; Mendes, Vera, Manadas, Bruno,et al., Allergy Volume: 66 Issue: 8 Pages: 1088-1098; 2011; IF: 6.27; Q1, Link


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