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Mass spectrometry is a powerful analytical technique that is used to identify and quantify compounds, and to elucidate the structure and chemical properties of molecules.

The Unit is specialized in

-identification and quantification of proteins from simple and complex samples,

-identification and quantification of post-translational modifications,

-identification and quantification of drugs and metabolites.

We also aim to identify biomarkers through proteomics and metabolomics techniques with the purpose of developing new prognosis and diagnosis methods, in collaboration with other R&D units at CNC and Biocant and external partners through our excellence networks.

This unit is equipped with state of the art technology for:

-uni- and bi-dimensional separation of drugs, metabolites, peptides and digested proteins from complex samples by capillary- to analytical-HPLC;

-mass spectrometry identification and quantification using distinct sample ionization and scan methods, in an hybrid instrument that takes advantage of the selectivity provided by the triple quadrupole and the sensitivity of the ion-trap.

4000 QTRAP mass spectrometer was acquired with founds from "Programa Nacional de Reequipamento Cientifico"

and the CNC is member of the Portuguese National Mass Spectrometry Network

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