With the aim to foster the internationalization of Portuguese Biotechnology sector,
BIOCANT and Portugal΄s Biotechnology Industry Association gathered efforts to carry out a
program to support Portugal's SMEs in their efforts to go global.

    HOW and WHEN?     WHY?     WHOM?
 • The creation of a strong brand identity
    for Biotechnology from Portugal;
 • Joint Exhibition in the main fairs of the
    - BIO International Convention (San
      Diego, June 2014)
    - BioSpain (Santiago de Compostela,
     September 2014)
    - BioEurope Spring (1st half 2015)
    - BIO International Convention 2015
      (Philadelphia, June 2015)
 • National Companies Show to
   Venture Capitalists;
 • International Road Show in a strategic
 • Benefit from co-funding;
 • Increase Global Business Visibility;
 • Enhance the attraction of foreign
   direct investment;
 •  Benefit from shared exhibition
    pavilion in international events as
    member of the Portuguese delegation;
 • Increase the external turnover;
 • Establish new partnerships for
   international development.
Portuguese biotechnology companies based in Continental Portugal, in the NUTS II regions – North, Central and Alentejo. Others campanies can take part in the program but without direct funding.
Your company can get involved in the program until the 1st half of 2015. For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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