Biocant is the first Portuguese Science and Technology Park specialized on Biotechnology where advanced Life Science knowledge and technology are developed and applied creating value in business initiatives.

BIOCANT is a CLUSTER of companies and R&D institutions of excellence with a strong commitment to science education and entrepreneurship.

A unique ecosystem that covers the entire INNOVATION PIPELINE, from the knowledge generation and human resources training to the market, including tech transfer, financing, scientific dissemination and industrial production.

It gathers 30% of the total national number of BIOTECH COMPANIES and provides a wide variety of services and opportunities to develop a competitive business.


Biocant offers state of the art and high throughput technologies and world-class trained human resources prepared to do applied R&D in the field of Biotechnology. The model is translated into a series of activities that fosters economic development through IP licensing, company creation or joint venture initiatives.


The Park offers a wide variety of opportunities to develop your business:
/ Facilitate Access to Capital
/ IP Management
/ Tailor-made Research Services
/ Customized Labs and Office Areas
/ Economic and Scientific Validation of Early-stage Projects
/ Shared facilities (technological platforms and industrial pilot unit)
/ Virtual Incubation Services
/ Access to National and International Networks
/ Land Properties for Companies and R&D Centers


/ R&D CENTER: Applied R&D center with sophisticated equipment, clean rooms and welltrained researchers and technicians.

  / MAIN BUILDING: facilities to a variety of needs such as congresses, seminars, workshops, training, commercial/business presentations or other events.
/ BIOPILOT UNIT: industrial pilot scale unit for the production of small batches of products testing industrial biotechnology processes at pilot scale for technological and economic validation.
/ BIOCANT SME’s: customized / scalable laboratories available for companies’ incubation.
/ UC BIOTECH: applied R&D center for biotechnology and advanced training in business environment from the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC) - the first associated laboratory in the country and the largest research center in the Region with over 400 members.
/ BIOCANT SME´s II: customized / scalable laboratories available for companies’ incubation.


The companies at Biocant are small and medium sized focused on innovation and knowledge, with particular emphasis on the generation of valuable Intellectual Property. The current companies are in various stages of development and are of different sizes, from business services and products with regular sales to companies whose business model is focused exclusively on the value of their R&D activity. In common they share a high degree of internationalization of their activities and skilled human resources.

  Contact Name: Carlos Faro

Biocant – Technology Transfer Association
Biocant Park, Núcleo 04, Lote 02
3060-197 Cantanhede, PORTUGAL  

Phone: +351 231 410 890 / +351 231 410 899

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