Bluepharma operates at all stages of the drug development
process, from lead compound identification and optimization, formulation
development, clinical research, scale-up and manufacturing of the final product

Bluepharma offers an integrated approach on the process of drug discovery and development, including innovative research on new chemical and therapeutic entities (based on novel drug delivery platforms) as well as formulation development, clinical research, manufacturing and commercialization of medicines.

The various various start-up companies affiliated to Bluepharma offer:

BSIM2 – Lead discovery & optimization through computational methodologies and workflows
LUZITIN – NCE for photodynamic therapy
TREAT-U- Targeted nanotechnology-based platforms for cancer
BLUECLINICAL- Clinical Research activities (from phase I-IV)


1. R&D
1.1) Dedicated facilities focused on the development of solid dosage forms, including pre- and formulation studies, development of analytical methods, scale up, ICH stability and compilation of CMC.
1.2) Novel and versatile oral strip formulations providing solutions for unmet medical needs.
1.3) Innovative photosensitizer compounds used in Photodynamic Therapy or Photodiagnosis of cancer or other diseases; One of the lead compounds (LUZ11) is currently at phase IIa clinical trials in advanced head and neck cancer.
1.4) Clinical pharmacology unit devoted to phase 1 clinical trials.

2. Industrial activities
2.1) State-of-the-art manufacturing site for solid dosage forms; approved by USFDA, KFDA and EU authorities; capacity for 2.0 b. units (tablets and capsules).

3. Commercialization of medicines
3.1) Large portfolio of products covering the main therapeutic areas; export activities worldwide


Bluepharma’s integrated approach widens its scope of potential partners, namely through:

1. Full pharmaceutical development for solid dosage forms, including manufacturing of clinical trial batches, stability studies, regulatory support and first in man studies (facilities approved by EMA and FDA).
As a pharmaceutical company operating worldwide, Bluepharma seeks to license out its technology and establish partnerships for co-development projects or industrial projects.

2. On the other hand, Bluepharma’s patented innovative technologies have proved critical when approaching new partners:

/ LUZ11, a photosensitizer specifically designed for the treatment of cancer, improving efficacy/safety/ convenience over the existing market competitors, mainly seeks to establish partnerships with either pharmaceutical companies operating in the oncology field and / or health investment funds that have a vested interest in oncology.

/ Novel and versatile oral strip formulations, providing solutions for unmet medical needs.

  Contact Name: Sérgio Simões

S. Martinho do Bispo,
3045-016 Coimbra, Portugal

Phone: +351 239 800 300
Fax: +351 239 800 33

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