Developing proprietary, innovative technology in diagnostics & therapeutics for equines.
Emergent diseases. More than 75% of emergent viruses are of animal origin.

Equigerminal is a VC backed private company fully dedicated to field of biotechnology applied to horses, that aims to become a world class Equine Biotech player.

The company is focused on a high value market segment - the high health and performance horses, developing proprietary intellectual property on horse infectious diseases and genetics for diagnostics and therapeutics purposes, with the goal to empower horse’s health and genetics.

As a result of years of research, Equigerminal successfully identified a New Equine Virus (NEV) that is highly cytophatic in equine fibroblastic and macrophage cell lines. The company has already developed and patented a competitive ELISA diagnostic test, having also patented an antiviral drug.


For the past 4 years, Equigerminal was able to translate R&D knowledge on equine virology into the identification, characterization and patent protection of: (i) a New Equine Virus; (ii) a diagnostic kit for the new virus; (iii) a possible therapeutic agent against the new virus.

/ NEV identification, description and propagation
(Patent submitted)

/Diagnostic ELISA Kit (Patent submitted)
/Antiviral Drug (Patent submitted)

The company also provides laboratory services (under an ISO 17025 environment, application submitted) to veterinarians, horse owners, breeders and sports/race associations.

Equigerminal currently has two commercial brands:
/Equihealth - in house services for 30 lab routine diagnostic tests to detect horse pathogens and infections by immunodiagnostics, RT qPCR and RFLP techniques;
/ Equigene - in house services for 20 genetics tests for horse coat color, horse disease and horse performance.


To pursue the journey in creating value, Equigerminal is now focusing on 3 main strategic goals in order to bridge the gap from the proprietary disruptive IP to market products. To accomplish this journey, Equigerminal is looking for reference partners (investors or industry wise players) that will help out the company in achieving the following workstreams:

/NEV Diagnostic Kit commercialization
/NEV Therapeutic Co-development
/NEV Clinical Relevance and Therapeutic efficacy

During these initial years, Equigerminal has been focused on delivering all the goals set for the R&D stages, and is now ready to collaborate at these different levels, aiming at taking the potential of the company to the next level together with reference partners.

  Contact Name: Isabel Fidalgo Carvalho

Equigerminal, S.A.
Parque Tecnológico de Cantanhede, Núcleo 04,
Lote 4, Lab 12,,
3060-197 Cantanhede, Portugal

Phone: +351 231 410 965
Email: geral@equigerminal.pt

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