PREvention, DIagnosis and Treatment


Gene PreDiT is devoted to the development of a new targeted therapy for obesity.
Our leading compound will enter Clinical Trials in 2015 to confirm its efficacy and validate
our genetic biomarker.

Gene PreDiT is a biotech company dedicated to the development of new therapeutic strategy for obesity.
Exploring the potential of our research platforms and the potential of a drug reprofiling approach, we identified a new genetic biomarker for morbid obesity (particularly relevant for male obesity) and also a compound that modulates lipid accumulation. For this compound, we are starting a Proof of Concept Clinical Trial (Phase IIa) to validate both our newly discovered biomarker and the potential of our targeted therapy for obesity.


Over the past years Gene PreDiT has been focused on obesity, a serious condition that is also a major risk factor for a number of chronic diseases, and we identified a panel of genes relevant for this disease.

We have also identified a compound able to modulate lipid accumulation. This new medication will only be directed to patients with the genetic biomarker Gene PreDiT identified, therefore targeting only to the patients that will mostly benefit from the therapy.

At the moment Gene PreDiT is dedicated to conduct a Clinical Trial Phase IIa to both validate our new genetic biomarker for obesity and to test the efficacy of our targeted therapy. We also plan to develop a genetic test to identify the patients to whom this therapy should be directed.We are currently looking for partners to either co-develop with us this new medication and conduct the subsequent Clinical Trials needed to reach the market. We are also interested in clients to out-license our results.


Our clients are mainly pharmaceutical companies that are focused on the development of new therapies for obesity or the companies that have firstly developed an application with our compound of interest (we have followed a drug repurposing approach).

Due to the lack of clearly safe and effective therapies for obesity, this is a field eager for new approaches, and therefore we anticipate a high interest on the product the company is developing.

Additionally, the market size and the presence of a genetic test to identify the population to whom this compound is more effective suggests that our product will be well positioned in the value chain. As a future strategy we envision both collaborations to further develop our product (Clinical Trials Phase IIb and/or III) or licensing-out of our results

  Contact Name: Nuno André Faustino

Gene PreDiT
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