For resin, energy, timber, pulp and paper industries,
KLON offers an innovative strategy to enhance plant productivity
based on services that combine advanced biotechnology tools for
plant breeding assistance with the knowledge of the forestry sector.

KLON is a biotechnology company dedicated to research and development of plant tissues, intended for genetic improvement, production and cloning, to achieve desirable agronomic features.

Our strategy is to provide solutions which lead to improved performance of each specie in terms of adaptability, growth and yield.

Regarding our services, we highlight an expert advice on plant cloning using in vitro culture tools, genotyping technologies and cryopreservation of improved plants, strongly directed to the industry, including timber, pulp and paper, resin and energy.


Klon offers high value products and services to the market and its customers, namely:

/ Tissue culture derived plant clones and seedlings of various species, with superior quality, according to the requirements and needs of the clients;

/Genetically selected plants for forest deployments with increased productivity and sustainable production;

/ Preservation of selected plant material with important forestry productivity traits through the cryopreservation techniques.

/ Advisory services in plant breeding for agro-forestry industry, developing advanced biotechnologies for plant improvement.


Forest companies

  Contact Name: Liliana Marum

Klon, Innovative Technologies from Cloning, S.A.
Biocant Park - Parque Tecnológico de Cantanhede,
Núcleo 4, Lote 4A, Ed. PME’s,
3060-197 Cantanhede PORTUGAL

Phone: +351 231 410 966

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