Magnomics delivers the next generation of portable in-vitro
molecular diagnostic devices for bacterial detection.
We extract DNA, amplify and detect it, all in a small device.
It is a lab, on a chip.

Magnomics is a biotech start-up, spin-off from Portuguese academia, focused on delivering the next generation of fully portable in-vitro molecular diagnostic devices.

Its novel proven technology, currently being prototyped, allows for the detection of bacteria in any substrate without the need for specialized facilities while reducing the lead time for treatments. With broad applications in both human and animal health, Magnomics has chosen bovine mastitis - an ailment affecting dairy cows - as its first market.


Our device consists of a portable reader with inbuilt sample treatment (swab of fluid), including bacteria separation and DNA purification. After amplification, also performed by the device, the DNA is identified via magnetic detection on the surface of a small chip, which can detect up to thousands of different strands, including antibiotic resistance genes. This chip is part of a disposable, one-off cartridge that is inserted into the reader and that can be produced to meet the diagnosis needs of the client. The readout consists, in the first version, of a simple yes/no marker for each type of bacteria and gene, which can be sent via email or text message to the user.

Magnomics will deliver the frist fully portable, easy to use diagnostic device that provides fast and accurate results in any environment at a competitive cost.

The technology is protected by a growing pool of international patents and is currently being prototyped. The initial market tests are predicted for late 2015.


Market applications for this technology are broad and include:

/ Human health: notably detection and control of hospital infections and multiresistant bacteria
/ Animal health: initial market (see below)
/ Food industry: contamination assessment and general quality control applications
/ Military: applications in biochemical warfare and security checks for bio-agents

Magnomics will initially focus on animal health applications. In particular, we will address a key veterinary problem: bovine mastitis, an ailment affecting dairy cows with devastating economical impact worldwide.

At this stage, final clients include both dairy producers and veterinarians. For initial international expansion, we are interested in engaging distributors to sell our product in key EU markets and in the US, as well as in Brazil.

Other applications of this technology, as listed above, will be explored through IP licensing with key technology partners.

  Contact Name: Filipe Arroyo Cardoso

Parque Tecnológico de Cantanhede, Núcleo 04,lote 2
3060-197 Cantanhede PORTUGAL

Phone: +351 938 407 433
Fax: +351 231 410 899

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