At TREAT U, we develop more effective and safer
nanotechnologybased therapies for cancer patients, by targeting
the tumor microenvironment with triggered release of the therapeutic agents.

TREAT U is developing more effective and safer products for cancer patients by increasing therapeutic efficacy and reducing adverse side effects, hence reducing treatment costs for healthcare systems.

Our first product - PEGASEMP™ - is a proprietary nanotechnology -based delivery platform with application in diagnostics and therapy. PEGASEMP™ targets specifically the tumor microenvironment with triggered delivery of the payload, creating new opportunities in personalized medicine and new value to the Pharmaceutical Market.


PEGASEMP™ is a proprietary nanotechnologybased drug delivery platform with application in diagnostics and therapy. PEGASEMP™ is innovative in the way that it targets specifically the tumor microenvironment with programmed delivery of the payload, upon cellular internalization. The specificity of the platform is based on a ligand-receptor interaction with cancer cells and cells from the tumor blood vessels.

PEGASEMP™ is undergoing scale-up and preclinical general toxicity GLP trials, according to a regulatory approved plan. Clinical trials phase I/IIa are scheduled for 2015.

PEGASEMP™ has an established preclinical proof-of-concept with demonstration of specificity to human samples of breast and lung cancer, including triple negative breast cancer and nonsmall-cell lung cancer. In an animal model of breast cancer, PEGASEMP™ was able to suppress tumor cell invasion to adjacent tissues with no evidence of side effects.

PEGASEMP™ has 3 patents granted in US, and a PCT pending in Europe.


TREAT U relates to the targeted cancer therapies segment of the Oncology market.

Oncology sales worldwide are estimated to grow from $64.6bn into $104.1bn during the period of 2011-2018 (growth rate of 7.1% and 11.1% market share) (EvaluatePharma 2012).

Collective sales for the marketed targeted cancer therapies are to increase from $30bn in 2011 to $37.2bn in 2014 in the seven major markets (USA, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK), (growth rate of 7.36%) (Market and Product Forecasts: Targeted Cancer Therapies 2011–21), which represents a promising future for a company like TREAT U.

Our revenue model aims at out-licensing the technology to an international pharmaceutical company with skills and track record in Oncology, interested in conducting the later stage of clinical development and commercializing the product worldwide. This is a model validated and adopted by the majority of Pharmaceutical Industries, interested in renewing their pipeline with low risk of investment.

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