In the development of a custom formulation we reduce 50-80%
the development time using our bioinformatics platform;
Our innovative media deliver 50%-100% higher titer

MediaOmics SA is a privately held company dedicated to the development of culture media solutions. MediaOmics was founded with the vision to transform the empirical culture media development landscape into a rational engineering science.
We see ourselves as culture media engineers.
We are pioneers in cell functional enviromics (PCT/IB2012/050178), a novel technology to investigate the effect of environmental factors in cellular physiology, which lies at the heart of our culture media engineering platform.
We provide fast and affordable culture media development services based in mechanistic knowledge and in silico design principles. We develop innovative culture media formulations with large impact in Bioprocess economics and sustainability.
We are currently licensing culture media formulations for Pichia pastoris and Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells. We are committed to partner with Biotech companies to develop custom solutions to their proprietary expression systems, products and biomanufacturing equipmet in order to meet their unique needs.


Pichia-FEM: Pichia-FEM is a chemically defined basal culture media formulation for the yeast Pichia pastoris composed by trace elements and main salts without amino acids. It forms a stable and clear solution that does not precipitate, as opposed to the vast majority of formulations in the market. It enables very high cell density and improved recombinant protein titers.

Pichia-SCREEN: Pichia-SCREEN are a set of chemically defined supplements to Pichia-FEM that induce different metabolic states. Pichia-SCREEN enables to obtain a quasi-optimal culture media formulation for a particular recombinant protein very fast with minimal lab work.

Custom culture media development services: MediaOmics has developed a bioinformatics toolbox to streamline the development of specialty culture media.

We design formulations tailored to cell line/clone, recombinant protein and process (e.g. Disposable reactor technology).

We help partner companies developing very efficiently custom culture media solutions that meet their unique needs.



Biotech companies, BioPharma companies, Cell line development, Process development, Biomanufacturing
  Contact Name: Rui Oliveira

MediaOmics SA
One Braodway, 14th Floor, Cambridge
Innovation Center, 02140 Cambridge MA

Phone: +1 857 264 9324
Fax: +1 617 758 4100

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