From renewable resources and wastes to value-added
products, Biotrend developsbioprocesses for a
sustainable and profitable industry.

Biotrend is a research-based company focused on the development, optimization, de-risking, integration and scale-up of bioprocesses for the production of bio-based chemicals, materials and fuels from renewable raw materials, including complex industrial by-products and wastes.

We offer contract research and development services and develop new technologies to be licensed out to industrial clients.

We actively participate in international collaborative projects encompassing the full bioeconomy value chain, keeping Biotrend at the forefront of scientific development.


/ Microbial strain screening: Platform to screen biocatalysts and process conditions. Typical screening includes strains producing a specific compound or able to cope with specific medium requirements (ex. use C5 carbon sources or tolerate inhibitors).

/ Process development and optimization: Strategies for maximizing productivity, yield and titer, seeking integration opportunities with raw material pretreatment and downstream processing.

/ Process scale-up, de-risking and validation: 2, 10, 50 and 250L fermenters for thorough scale-up studies and process de-risking. Access to facilities of 1,000-100,000L capacity.

Experience in diverse microbial systems, from marine bacteria to engineered yeasts, processing a variety of raw materials for the production of biopolymers, intermediate and base chemicals. We design processes to meet economical and sustainability requirements and outperform conventional petro-based processes, while ensuring scalability, reproducibility and robustness.

Clients range from start-up companies without bioprocessing know-how or infrastructure to large companies exploring opportunities of biotechnology and of the use of renewable raw materials, including by-products and wastes. Current examples:

/ Large pulp and paper company: Fermentation-based valorization of carbon-rich waste streams from pulp and paper mills.

/ Leading confectionery multinational and leading plastics research institute: Transformation of carbohydrate-rich solid residues into materials suitable for packaging applications.

/ Innovative enzyme engineering company: Increase the productivity and reduce the enzyme production cost.

/ Marine biotech start-up: Increase the yield and productivity of the production of cell extracts with cosmetic use.

/ Beverage company: Increase the robustness and scale-up of the production of an innovative fermented beverage. Proprietary technologies are also available to be out-licensed. Contact for further information or refer to our website.
  Contact Name: Bruno Sommer Ferreira

Biocant, núcleo 04 - Lote 2, Cantanhede,
3060-197 Cantanhede, Portugal

Phone: +351 231 410 940

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