For parents that want to cryopreserve their children’s stem cells,
Crioestaminal is the familiy bank that offers most security because
of its experience, its rigor and its technology.

Crioestaminal is a Portuguese stem cell therapeutics company founded in 2003.

Its activity is based on two pillars – cryopreservation of stem cells and the development of advanced cell therapy products.

Crioestaminal was the first stem cell bank to operate in the Iberian Peninsula and is today a top 5 player in Europe.

It is the only Iberian stem cell bank with an accreditation by AABB, which serves as proof of its high quality standards and enables it to conduct FDA-approved trials.

It has invested significantly in R&D and established partnerships with top scientific institutions in Portugal.


/ Crioestaminal offers cryopreservation services for cord blood and tissue stem cells. It was the first company to offer 4 different methods to process cord blood and tissue. Furthermore, Crioestaminal stores the samples for 25 years. Its experience of having served more than 60.000 clients, its commitment to highest quality standards and ability to innovate are the foundation of its market leadership position in multiple markets.

/ Crioestaminal’s investments in R&D to develop new cell therapy products have resulted in two international patents. First, a therapeutic formulation that is a gel with a co-culture of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and endothelial cells. The technology has shown the potential to accelerate the healing of chronic wounds by 2,5 times, in particular in diabetic patients. In 2013, it registered a second patent, a formulation containing cord blood stem cells and lysophosphatidic acid that is used for cardiac regeneration after myocardial infarcts.

/ For its cryopreservation services, Crioestaminal’s final customer are parents to be. The company is interested in entering new geographies, either alone or through joint ventures with local investors or healthcare related partners.

/ Regarding its cell therapy products that will be used in hospital settings, Crioestaminal is open to explore different options of taking the products to market (e.g., licensing).
  Contact Name:  

Biocant, núcleo 04 - Lote 2, Cantanhede,
3060-197 Cantanhede, Portugal

Phone: +351 231 305 060
Fax: +351 231 267 326

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