Planning to gather clinical information?
Delivering specialized technology for Clinical Studies,
uEDC offers the flexibility to acknowledge your singular scenario,
with tools merged into a rich interaction

iUZ vision is to be recognised as the agile enterprise in delivering unpaired solutions for the future.

Our refreshing engineering approach delivers bespoke and open solutions that empower our customers’ business activities.

We focus our work in:
/ Clinical Studies, with an information system to collect and process clinical data
/ Interoperability Platforms, focused on Healthcare
/ Procurement Markets, with flexible business models

At iUZ we aim to make a difference every single day


At iUZ we give our best to fit our clients needs, helping them achieve their goals. We offer ICT Innovation Consultancy and Software Engineering, focused on:
/ Clinical Studies. Our uEDC – Electronic Data Capture solution delivers specialised technology for the healthcare field, through an information system to collect and process clinical data, with patients, researchers and professionals. Know more at
/ Interoperability Platforms. Our uIN – eHealth Interoperability solution provides semantic and technical interoperability services and tools to boost the exchange of health-related information among communities. Know more at
/ eMarkets. Our uBIZ – Procurement Market solution delivers highly customisable solutions with flexible business models, bringing together offer and demand, solving unwanted time and geographic gaps. Know more at

At iUZ we shape our tech to answer the constant challenges of the healthcare market. A market that is always evolving where the challenge is to innovate with quality in order to increase efficiency and equalize access.

Keeping the focus on the patient, our solutions allow easier access to healthcare services, continuous patient monitoring and health information sharing between organizations, communities and countries.

Final clients:
/ Research Institutions that organize studies
/ Clinical Research Organisation (CRO)
/ Pharmaceutical Industry
/ National Health Agencies
/ Health Promotion Organizations
/ Healthcare Communities
  Contact Name: Luís Barata da Rocha

iUZ Technologies Lda.
Rua Calouste Gulbenkian, n.º 1,
3810-074, Aveiro, Portugal

Phone: +351 234 247 381

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