Immunethep is a biotechnology company focused on drug development for
immune system-related pathologies. Our first product is a vaccine to prevent Sepsis in

Immunethep is a Spin-off from the University of Porto that uses proprietary technology to address unmet medical needs.

The first product in the current technology pipeline is a vaccine to protect neonates from bacterial infections.
The proprietary technology used to develop this vaccine is the outcome of more than 30 years of research at the Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar (ICBAS) of the University of Porto.

Currently there is no available treatment to prevent bacterial infections in fetus and bacterial sepsis in newborns. Immunethep is addressing this unmet medical need in order to prevent the pain and cost of stillbirths, newborn deaths and morbidity due to bacterial infections.

Bacterial sepsis is responsible for the death of 1.35 million Babies, stillbirths and 1-month old, every year. In addition, preterm birth and morbidity caused by bacterial infections represent an annual cost of nearly US$ 12B a year in the US alone.


The neonatal vaccine (PNV1), administered to women, induces the production of protective antibodies in the mother that will be transferred to the fetus protecting the fetus and newborn from bacterial infections. Pre-clinical trials in a mice model of infection showed over 80% survival rate inneonates from immunized mothers, contrasting with less than 10% survival in pups born from non-immunized mothers.

PNV1 is currently finishing pre-clinical phase Using the same proprietary technology we are also developing additional undisclosed products addressing unmet medical needs.


The neonatal vaccine (PNV1) is destined to women in the fertile age, reaching in 2030 a target population of 2 billion, among whom 300 million reside in the in the world’s More Developed Regions.

  Contact Name: Pedro Madureira

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